Joshua Jauregui



offset magazine

Offset. A magazine focusing on contemporary art in design around the word. Each issue would have a different showcased artist on the cover as well as a matching background color. The masthead for each issue would be made on a scanner in a similar fashion.




Museum brochure and Poster for Carlos Cruz Diez’s work Chromosaturation. With in the brochure there is a description of Diez's work along with a few quotes from the artist himself. The main focus for this body of work is to capture the experience of color and the influence it has on a person.


ered branding

Meaning dry is a contemporary house plant and pottery store.


felt ink


Felt ink is a contemporary marker and ink brad using homemade recipes that have been passed down through street art. Each Felt box will contain two inks and one recipe book. Each box is hand crafted with the artist in mind.